A very rare MX5!!

Revealing what is hidden under the black paint, can any of you guess what it is?

Keep a look out for updates on this car.


Antony Barrett said:

21st July 2017 at 1:10 am

Hi . . . . . From the colours showing through after sanding the black, Orange and Green, I thought it must be a 1991 Mk 1 Le Mans Ltd Edition, Only 24 made for UK. But the front view you showed looks like a Mk 2 / 2.5. No Pop up lamps ??? Anyway, Great Website Etc. Thanks.
I have a UK Rx-7 FB, Series One, Mk III. Blue Metallic. C 563 EHV.
My Mum has a UK MX-5 NA, Series One, 1.6, Chaste White. N 565 SLJ.

Antony Barrett said:

21st July 2017 at 1:35 am

Just realised . . . Must be tired, I wrongly assumed the question box related to the car nearby, but now realise they were just cars in the Gallery section, and that it might be a dark green Mk 2 . . . . So my answer is a Mk 1 Le Mans. LOL.
Btw, To anyone who hasn’t seen AND heard it, Check out the video of Johnny Herbert demonstrating the 787B, with onboard footage. It’s Fantastic. Can’t remember the circuit at mo !! Turn the volume up and enjoy.
All the best. Antony.

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