The unit that The MX5 Restorer started in, and some toys hidden within!

As we prepare to move to our new 2500 square foot workshop, this is a good time to show where the MX5 restorer started, in this much smaller building, which makes our current 1250 square foot workshop seem huge!!

New workshop demolition progressing well!!

Finally, we have MX5s in the new workshop!!

New workshop demolition is almost complete

and we think we know where all the ramps are going

New workshop demolition phase 1

Demolition has started in the new workshop

Whats hidden behind poorly repaired sills?

Its scary what can be hidden behind sills that look okay, here we show what can be hidden if not repaired correctly

Introducing The MX5 Restorers new future home, very exciting

Indroduciing our new workshop, there is a lot to do, but it will soon be our new home

More Le-Mans evidence

More evidence of the lost Le-mans hidden under the black paint

A very rare MX5!!

Revealing what is hidden under the black paint, can any of you guess what it is?

Keep a look out for updates on this car.

Mazda MX5 speedster, coming soon!

A sneak preview of Garaths’ MX5 Speedster

Introducing Marc and his RX7 FB

Marc is part of the Lights go up, Lights go down team, this video introduces him and the first project car to the channel that isn’t an MX5.

He has owned this RX7 FB for over 6 years, in this video we talk about what has been done to the car over the years, and touch on a few things that might be happening to it in the future.