A very rare MX5!!

Revealing what is hidden under the black paint, can any of you guess what it is?

Keep a look out for updates on this car.

Mazda MX5 speedster, coming soon!

A sneak preview of Garaths’ MX5 Speedster

Introducing Marc and his RX7 FB

Marc is part of the Lights go up, Lights go down team, this video introduces him and the first project car to the channel that isn’t an MX5.

He has owned this RX7 FB for over 6 years, in this video we talk about what has been done to the car over the years, and touch on a few things that might be happening to it in the future.

Buyers Guide – Part 3 – What’s hidden behind those sills?

In our buyers guide part one, we used this silver car to show how to spot signs of a bodged repair on the rear sills, in this video we cut it open to show what’s inside.

Introduction to No 2331, an extremely early MK1 MX5 Restoration Vlog Part 1

The first part of what will become a restoration vlog for this car, this first video shows the general condition of the car and some details that are unique to the very early cars

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Buyers Guide – Part 2 – Short Nose Crank Engine

A look at how to spot the short nose crank engine and how to see if there is a problem with it.

The second video in our buyers guide series, we think we’ve managed to overcome the sound issues from the first video.

Thank you to everyone that watched and subscribed after the first video, we have many more ideas in the pipe line, so keep subscribing.

Buyers Guide – Part 1 – Mk1 Mazda MX5 Rear Sills

A look at how to spot a good car from a bad car.

A look at how to spot a good car from a bad car. This is the first video like this we have done, so sorry for the poor sound quality and focus in places, hopefully we will improve on those in future videos.

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