Hi Chris,

Thought you might like to see these photos I took today of my car. It’s parked just across the road from our house, by the church that we got married in last year. It looks absolutely stunning. Thank you for doing such an amazing job. This car means so much to me and now it will give me so many more years of enjoyment.

If you can use any of these photos on your Facebook page, please feel free.

Many thanks again.



Tracy Dixon


Thanks for the work on the car – it looks better than new where you have weaved your magic. And the roof is brilliant!

Richard Rowe

Marina Blue Mk1

Had this done on Friday, and was warmly welcomed by the chaps at MX5Restorers! Garath spent ages checking the car and hunting around it. I got to look at deconstructed MX5s whilst I was there, so now I have a better idea of how the things are put together.

Can’t thank you enough for this! It really put my mind at ease, and confirmed my suspicions about my sills but I’ll be back post-Christmas to get them sorted!


Cannot recommend these guys enough, their work is spot on, they are knowledgeable (Garath isn’t just a kick ass welder you know), friendly, and if that doesn’t sway you they are excellent bang for buck oh and my mate likes their tea. If distance is putting you off, then let me say firstly the drive is worth it and secondly from London their a doddle to get to as well as it’s m25 onto a21 and after that it’s pretty much just go straight.

Also in addition if you pop down it’s WELL WELL worth talking to Marc there as well, seriously the guy can do things with a buffer you would not believe… oh and he can polish your car with it as well and I’m talking polished to the point of “no maybe I don’t need that respray after all” shiny.



I am very impressed with the work you carried out to the rust on my car. The repaired areas now look like new and the colour match is perfect. I would recommend you to anyone who wants top quality work done at a reasonable price. (Other body shops told me that it would be very difficult to match the red paintwork but there were no such comments from you; just a really professional job.)



Big thanks to Garath and Chris, I now own a car with kosher mot for the first time in 4 years, excellent service as ever



Yes, I have just come home from having the winter check done today and, being of a cynical bent, I was amazed at both the sincerity and the dedication of Garath and his colleague (whose name I didn’t catch – sorry!); they really LOVE 5s and clearly DO know all there is to know!
I drove there all ‘worried’ and came back in what felt like a new car!
Don’t get me wrong – I had the service too – but seriously, money very well spent even if only for peace of mind in the coming months, as well as in respect of what else might need doing in their considered opinion to bring the 5 up to spec.
A BIG thank-you.


Garath has done a fantastic job on my turbo install, I couldn’t be more happy with it. Loving the turbo power, it’s very addictive.

I can’t recommend Garath, and Marc @ Paragon Auto Finishing, enough! Top work guys, thank you!


Turbo, intercooler, power steering and a clutch fitting

Picked mine up from Garath yesterday after having the rear sills welded. Quality of work and customer service both second to none. Another satisfied customer, thanks



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