Mk2 and Mk2.5 Chassis rail rust!!

This is a must watch for anyone looking to buy a Mk2 or Mk2.5 MX5, showing how to check the front chassis rails when looking at a car, and then how we repair them

Broken throttle body on a turbo MX5

Garaths Mk1 Turbo MX5 broke its throttle body, did parts of it break off and go through the engine? watch to find out!

What’s going on in the workshop – 2

Our second “what’s going on in the workshop” video, this one featuring where to look for rust on mk3 MX5’s, along with other things going on in the workshop.

Our MX5 Speedster having a supercharger installed

This is an older time lapse video, showing our White MX5 Speedster getting supercharged


What’s going on in the workshop – 1

The first of our “what’s going on in the workshop” videos, showing some of the works that are being carried out on MX5s in our workshop

We are in!!! The new workshop is complete!

The new workshop works continue

The unit that The MX5 Restorer started in, and some toys hidden within!

As we prepare to move to our new 2500 square foot workshop, this is a good time to show where the MX5 restorer started, in this much smaller building, which makes our current 1250 square foot workshop seem huge!!

New workshop demolition progressing well!!

Finally, we have MX5s in the new workshop!!

New workshop demolition is almost complete

and we think we know where all the ramps are going