Do you like it? well, for the first time ever, you can have us build you one, to your personal specification.

The feedback we have received about this car has been amazing, we built this one as a show piece of the fantastic quality of our work and craftsmanship, and as something fun to drive to shows etc, but now, due to the high level of great feedback, we are offering it as a bespoke conversion

Other speedster concepts have been created over the years, including one built by Mazda back in 1995, but we are the first to build one to this sort of high standard, with this level of detail, and as complete and user friendly, we are the first to lower the seating position to maintain a comfortable drive, there is no need for goggles or a crash helmet in this car.

We can carry this conversion out on a car you already own, or we can supply the car, and it can be built to any specification you require, call or email to discuss your requirements.

Features include (and not limited to)

– True head turning styling
– Lower than a GT40 at 38″ from the road to the top of the windscreen
– Incredibly smooth lines
– Lowered seating position, to ensure your head is below the cut down windscreen
– Many modifications that’ll keep people guessing what it is
– Solenoid operated doors

– Custom leather interior
– Improved performance due to reduced weight
– Roof for use when parked
– Modified door shape
– Modified boot lid shape
– Removed fuel filler flap
– Modified sill shape
– Door handles removed
– Twin headlights

What can you change?

Paint Colour


Sound System


Front & Rear Bumpers


Interior Trim




Front & Rear Lights


Interior Colour






Want more power?

– We can fit a turbo or supercharger to the existing engine, taking power upto 240 bhp
– Engine swap, various options are available here, V8, V6 or even rotary power are not out of the question, or we can even explore Electric power for those wanting to take a greener route.

This can be a truely custom car, built to your personal requirements, we will make sure it is a personal car, built just for you, these will only be built to order, go on, be different, and own a piece of moving art.

12 + 6 =

Contact us to discuss your requirements and find out about prices, to get the ball rolling on having an MX5 speedster built just for you, by the original and the best.

01323 768356