We can carry out any kind of engine works you may want, from a simple cam cover gasket change to a complete engine change, or even forced induction, below is an example of a few standard prices, if you have anything more specific you would like to discuss please feel free to either call or email us to discuss.

Mk1 Mk2 Mk2.5
Cam Cover gasket £72.13* £72.13* £72.13*
Cam angle sensor O ring £63.00*  –  –
Cam cover gasket and Cam angle sensor O ring £90.13*  –  –
Cam belt £204.00 £204.00 £204.00
Water Pump £204.00 £204.00 £204.00
Cam belt and Water pump £288.00 £288.00 £288.00
Front Camshaft oil seals £190.20* £190.20*
Front Crank shaft oil seal £186.61* £186.61* £186.61*
Front Camshaft oil seals and crankshaft oil seal £256.81* £256.81* £256.81*

*= These prices reduce significantly when carried out at the same time as a cambelt and water pump change, please email us using the contact us page with your list of required works so we can quote specifically for your requirements