The MX5 Restorers reputation and business model was built on the back of the quality of our welding repairs, the rest of the business developed from there, our whole business has been built on the philosophy of “do it right or not at all” which is never more important than it is with welding repairs.

The Mk2 and MK2.5 MX5 suffers from a serious rust issue where the front chassis rails severely corrode, split and crack, this problem went largely unnoticed for a number of years because most of chassis rail is hidden by the engine under  tray. The MX5 Restorer played a big part in bring this issue to the attention of the MX5 community, the big concern for many owners was that the general consensus was that the engine would need to be removed to carry out a satisfactory repair, so we developed our own panels to make it possible to repair them without removing the engine, reducing the cost of the repair significantly. We always repair chassis rails in pairs, this is because it’s not cost effective to repair one side, and if one needs doing, the other won’t be far behind it, the chassis rail is a 4 sided box that runs from the front of the subframe to the front of the car, it corrodes on 3 sides of that box, the bottom, engine side and inner wheel arch side, our panels come in two sections for each side, 1 being the wheel arch side and under side, and the other being the engine side, this means the engine side panel can be welded from inside the box section, which gives more access, it also means there are two different prices for chassis rail repairs, as shown below:

Inner wheel arch side and underside – £600 per pair, including all parts, materials, labour and VAT

As above including engine side – £720 per pair, including all parts, materials, labour and VAT

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Watch the video below to learn how to check your chassis rails without the need to jack the car up, and then how we carry out our repairs

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