The MX5 Restorers reputation and business model was built on the back of the quality of our welding repairs, the rest of the business developed from there, our whole business has been built on the philosophy of “do it right or not at all” which is never more important than it is with welding repairs.

Our standard rear sill and arch repairs include cutting out the outer skin all the way around the arch and down to the rear sill, minor repairs to the inner arch lip and inner sill, applying rust killers, treatments and preventatives to all accessible inner surfaces, timing the repair panel to suit, applying rust preventative coatings to the inside face of the panel before welding it in place, seam sealing all edges, dressing weld lines, skim filling to perfect the surface before prepping and painting the entire rear wing, all of this for only £780 per side, including all parts, materials, labour and VAT.

Sometimes more work is required internally which isn’t always clear before a car is cut open, we will always do our best to advise a customer of the likely hood of more work being required before we carry out any cutting, obviously if more internal work is required then the price does increase from our standard price of £780.

Call or email to book yours in, or discuss your requirements, we often give estimates via email, all we need is some photos of the rusty areas, although this is not always as accurate as seeing the car in person our extensive experience with these repairs allows us to be fairly accurate with email estimates, which gives you a good ball park figure to work with.