The MX5 Restorers reputation and business model was built on the back of the quality of our welding repairs, the rest of the business developed from there, our whole business has been built on the philosophy of “do it right or not at all” which is never more important than it is with welding repairs.

Another common rust area on the MX5 is around the windscreen, this is often caused by paint damage occurring during a windscreen change, the correct way to repair this is to remove the windscreen and cut out the damaged area, replacing it with new metal, in some cases it can be ground back and treated, then repaint the entire windscreen surround before refitting the windscreen, this could be an opportunity to fit a new windscreen if yours has become damaged over the years.

Prices vary depending on severity of the rust, but start at £350 including all parts, materials, labour and VAT, add £144 if you want a new windscreen fitted.